A Crystal-Guide for Beginners

If you clicked on this blog article, you are probably asking yourself: what's the deal with these trendy, colorful minerals, anyway? How do they work and how can you reap their rewards without breaking the bank?

We are here to tell you that the world of crystal healing is not nearly as precious, pretentious or pricey as it may seem. So here is your no-bullshit guide to what every beginner should know about crystals.

Think of crystals as an ally on your journey. They help you to reach your goals and make positive changes in all areas of your life: whether this is for yourself, your space, your home or even your pets. They are especially great for manifesting your intentions - a great and meaningful one could be to start working with crystals ;) So basically these otherworldly rocks connect us to the energies we want to embody. #LawOfAttraction 

They can also make us more aware of our own energy and maybe in this manic digital age where distraction is everywhere, this is why crystals are having such a moment. We are looking for help to support us when we are blocked, lacking in energy, feel drained, tired or need calming.

Yes! Crystal healing can be confusing in the beginning but ultimately, working with crystals is no magic: the key ingredient is always your unique energy. Think of it as an USB flash drive: they are made to take on, store, and transfer information. That's exactly how crystals work: can be programmed to receive, absorb, and transfer emotions. And you decide what you want to program your crystal to do; it can promote love, detox or wealth and health.

Now you might ask yourself: how do I choose the right crystal? That step can be overwhelming, especially since there are so many options at a range of price points. We have an article on that as well. But before you go and read that - just one more thing: think about where you buy your crystal at and what energy you are buying with it. Amazon sells wholesale crystals by the pound for $13. But this also comes with its costs: child labor, poor work conditions and a loooot of bad energy. And we really don't need that in our lives ;)