100% ethically sourced

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100% ethically sourced

Magic powers

Unbreakable packaging

Absolutely dashing

The quality and color of this Amethyst is unbelievable. It looks like something from another planet - so sparkly and just stunning.

Paolina, Hamburg

This Rock Crystal has changed the atmosphere and energy in my complete apartment. I am definitely buying more!

Alina, Hamburg

This Amethyst lifted my meditation to another level! I also put it next to me when I do yoga and I feel way more in tune with myself. Would definitely recommend to try it out!

Phong, Köln

This Rocky is just amazing. It looks stunning on my bedside table and matches my interior perfectly. I feel more relaxed and less stressed ever since I got it. Would 10/10 recommend!

Estelle, Berlin

Crystals 101

How to use crystals?

We’ve seen people putting crystals literally eveywhere: From lying under a vibrating bed in Manhattan’s luxury wellness centres to gemstone-infused water bottles in Sweden.

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