Where are the crystals from?

Our crystals are sourced from lovely people around the world. You can find the sourcing location on every product page. All Spiritual Babes are 100% ethically sourced. We do have one of the highest ethical codes of the industry. You can find more information here.

How can I track my order?

Once you’ve placed your order (YAY 🥳), you’ll get a order confirmation and number per mail. 

How can I reach Customer Service?

There is a small button at the right bottom corner of our website. If you click on that, you’ll be directed to one of our lovely customer agents. They do their best to answer your request at light speed. 

What happens if I don't like the crystal I get?

We’re pretty much sure that you will fall in love with the beat of an eyelash. If not, no problem. You can return your Spiritual Babe within 30 days.

What is your Returns Policy?

You can return every crystal after 30 days. You can find more information here.

How do I return something to you?

Although we hope you love our crystals as much as we do, returning them is super simple. You’ll find a code in your “order confirmation” mail with whom you can return the packaging at every DHL store for free. Just have it on your smartphone. No printing required. 

How can I track my return?

Once you’ve handed in your return, we’ll keep you posted via email.

How does the delivery service work?

Our crystals will be straight delivered to your door. With love and light speed.

I've received a faulty crystal, what should I do?

Crystals do have magic powers but they can’t prevent everything. If something is wrong with your crystal, please immediately reach out to us. Please feel free to share any images with us straight away so we can closely analyse the patient.

I've received an incorrect crystal in my order, what should I do?

Please reach immediately out to us. We’ll guide you through the return process and you will get your fresh and sparkling crystals straight away. 

I'm missing an item from my order, what should I do?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll immediately verify your request and send you your missing Spiritual Babe.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept almost any common payment method. You can find a list at the bottom of our website or at the checkout.

Will I get exactly the same crystal like the ones from the images?

Crystals are like snowflakes. Every single one is unique. A crystal can’t exist twice. However, we’re very very picky when it comes to choosing our Spiritual Babes. So, you can be very sure to receive a beautiful piece of mother earth that’s as dashing as the ones on the photography.