About Us

Our Vision

Crystals can be a bloody business. And this is what we wanna change. It's our vision to introduce the first worldwide fairtrade label for crystals one day. Such a thing doesn't exist yet. And oh boy, this takes time. Until then, we do our very best to push the needle of ethical sourcing and find the most beautiful gemstones on earth for you.


Our Ethical Code

Working and living conditions

It's very critical for us that all workers in every stage of the supply chain are paid a fair living wage. We don't partner with companies emplyoing adults in poor working conditions. Neither children nor underaged workes are involved. All necessary measurements are applied to secure the workplace and to protect the health of working people. Working hours are designed to be appropiate and socially acceptable in line with international guidelines.

Non-plus ultra quality standards

Our partners are visited on a regular basis to ensure our high quality working conditions are met for all employees. We thorougly make certain to comply with the legal requirements on site although it's our goal to surpass them (which we most likely do).

Environment and climate protection

We love our blue planet more than anything else. It's our duty to protect mother earth by any means. We hence ensure that no toxic substances are released into the environment when mining gemstones. It's crucial for us that mines out of operation are recultivated to foster the continuity of the original ecosystem. Soil that is removed during the gem extraction process has to be replaced in a recultivation process, too. The entire mining process is carried out in agreement with the local authoritities.

Moreover, for every purchase in our shop we donate 1€ to WWF. We produly endorse their mission to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.