How to use crystals?

We’ve seen people putting crystals literally eveywhere: From lying under a vibrating bed in Manhattan’s luxury wellness centres to gemstone-infused water bottles in Sweden. Miranda Kerr apparently likes to carry them in her bra. Sounds weird but trust us, it’s works. The close contact to the skin delivers the most out of the benefits.

You see: Just like you dreams can travel anywhere, your crystals can too. Only make sure to keep them in spots where you’re around for a considerable amount of time. For instance, you could put them on your nightstand to feel the energy while you sleep. Behind your computer at work is also a brilliant idea. If you’re a lot on the go, why not keep your guardian angel in your handbag? #TravelSafe

And after all, sometimes it’s just enough to hold a crystal in your hand for 20 minutes and get blown away by its mere beauty. It just makes you feel good.