Charging and cleansing Crystals: How to Clean Your Gemstones

Healing stones and crystals store energies and vibrations. To make your stones receptive to new energy, you should clean them regularly - sort of like a fresh shower. 

Most crystals can be easily cleaned under running water and recharged in sunlight or moonlight. But beware: amethysts and rose quartz can fade in the sunlight and lose their beautiful color. Metallic stones, such as pyrite can rust or become dull under running water. So it is better not to cleanse those with water.

So it is a bit more complicated with charging and cleansing crystals. And that's why we created this detailed guide for you and for your gemstones. 


The following methods will help you cleanse your crystals to restore their natural power, yippie ya yeah! 

Water - Powerful mother nature 

Unless your crystal is water sensitive, it can be cleaned and cleansed under cold running water. This will remove all the bad and unwanted energy #ByeBadVibes 

Crystals: rock crystal, rose quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, fluorite, jasper, citrine, selenite, malachite, labradorite.

Duration: 2 minutes 

P.S. These crystals should never be cleaned with water: Pyrite, Mandarin Quartz, Azurite, Coelestine. 

Rock Crystal - The Master Crystal

All crystals can be discharged with the "Master Crystal" - the rock crystal. It brings stagnant energies to flow and can thus cleanse other stones. You can simply place the crystal to be cleansed next to a (for example, cleansed under water) rock crystal. This method works best if you place the crystal to be cleansed on top of the rock crystal. If the cleansing stone is too small, you may need more than one Rocky to successfully activate the cleansing.

Crystals: All 

Duration: 10-24 hours (easiest overnight) 

Singing bowl - The power of sound

Another way to cleanse your healing stone is to place it in a singing bowl and strike it frequently. The vibrations from the singing bowl are transferred to the gemstone and the information attached to the stone is erased. 

Crystals: This method is especially suitable for porous or water-sensitive stones: lapis lazuli, magnetite, malachite, etc.

Duration: 2-5 minutes 

Salt - Bye Bye salty vibes 

Salt is not only good for cooking your favorite pasta, but also for cleansing and detoxifying your crystal. It absorbs unwanted energy. Cleaning with salt is probably the easiest and also cheapest method to cleanse your gemstones extra thoroughly. You take a bowl and fill it with salt. Then you put the crystal to be cleaned in another bowl and put the bowl with the stones onto the salt. The salt "pulls out" everything that does not belong to the stone. It is very important that the gemstones do not come into contact with the salt, as this can cause a chemical reaction. Opals, for example, react very badly to salt. Be sure to dispose all of the salt the next morning #CiaoNegativeEnergy

Crystals: All

Duration: 12-24 hours (or overnight) 

Smoke out crystals - no cultural appropriation please!

Smudging or Saging has become a trendy wellness practice. We clearly stand against burning white sage. Here's why: the use of white sage for ceremonial cleansing and rituals is an indigenous practice. These cultures have been exploited, oppressed and misunderstood for centuries. The use of white sage by non-indigenous people is cultural appropriation. Especially if one is not familiar with the traditional ceremonial method.

Cultural appropriation is a very complicated issue, and the line between appreciating and learning from another culture and harmful theft is not always clear. But we must do better: we just need to cleanse our minds of misinformation and become more engaged with the subject. 

If you want to burn things to purify your crystals, you don't necessarily need white sage. You can use incense! You can also dry and burn your own herbs. 


To get the full power out of your crystals, it makes sense to charge them regularly. Here you will find all the methods that are suitable for your stones. 

Moonlight - Like a moonlight shadow 

It is a particularly beautiful ritual to charge crystals in the moonlight. To do this, they should first be cleansed and then placed in the moonlight overnight. Bonus points for full moon nights! 

Sunlight - like ice in the sunshine

You can also charge your crystals with the energy of sunlight. A few hours of sun on the windowsill or balcony will recharge your stone with energy. But be careful: Especially amethyst and rose quartz should not be charged in the sun, because these crystals fade over time. You could call them night owls ;)

Rock Crystal - The Master Crystal

Oops, I can also discharge my crystals with this one. That's right! The rock crystal is all around a power crystal! Because it can not only cleanse stones, but also recharge them.  It itself is a neutral gemstone in purified state, which has strengthening and activating properties. Since the rock crystal itself is clear and conscious, it gives this information to the gemstone and in turn activates its own properties of the gemstone to be charged. It acts as a booster, so to speak. Simply place the crystal you want to charge on top of the one cleansed rock crystal. It is best to do this overnight.  

In the spiri-world there are thousands of instructions and methods. It is such valuable knowledge passed down from clever souls. But in the end, it is all just guidance for you. You have to listen to your inner self. If a practice or ritual doesn't give you good vibes - then it's just not yours. That's ok and it's good. Just keep trying - you will find your way. #ThePathIsTheGoal